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Russia’s actions in Syria are legal and effective

Since the beginning of the plot against Syria and its people, The Syria Solidarity Movement has  stood firmly against the plan to destroy Syria and the region, rejected illegal intervention by the USA and Western and Regional entities, and strongly condemned the terrorists’ actions and the flow of mercenaries into Syria. We mourn the loss of more than 200,000 Syrians, as well as hundreds of Palestinians and Lebanese.

As a result of the escalation by the West and their agents in supporting terrorist groups, Syria has exercised its sovereign and legal right to ask Russia, Iran and other trusted parties for their support to stop this murderous plot and madness.  The Syria Solidarity Movement regrets all military action, but recognizes the differences between the actions of Russia, Iran, China, Hezbollah and now Cuba in Syria, as compared with those of the US, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf monarchies and other states.  Here are some of those differences:

  1. The actions of Russia, Iran and other Syrian allies are legal under the UN charter and international law.  Russian military aid was requested by the internationally recognized Syrian government holding the Syrian seat at the United Nations.  The actions of the United States, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries are illegal and contrary to international law.  Such actions constitute aggression in the internal affairs of Syria and are without its consent.
  2. The actions of Russia, Iran and other Syrian allies are effective against foreign terrorists and mercenaries in Syria.  Reports state that thousands of al-Qaeda fighters and their allies have fled or been killed since the start of Russia’s response to Syria’s request.  Although the US has claimed for decades that al-Qaeda is its worst enemy, a year of US-supported intervention in Syria has made no significant reduction in the capabilities of this or other terrorist groups.  Clearly, the US/NATO battle against al-Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist mercenaries in Syria is a total sham, and the US/NATO is in fact providing aid to these groups through intermediaries from other groups and through Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other supporters of terrorism.
  3. The actions of Russia, Iran and other Syrian allies are helping to prevent another failed state in the region, not create one.  The US, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and their allies have openly declared their pursuit of “regime change” in Syria, a violation of the UN Charter, the Geneva Accords and other international law.  The plans for a “No Fly Zone” recall a similar campaign of wanton bombing in Libya, which resulted in a failed state there.  In the case of Syria, the intention also appears to be a de facto Turkish annexation of Syrian territory.

As US Congressional Representative Tulsi Gabbard has said, “Russia is bombing al-Qaeda terrorists.  How is that a bad thing?”  The Syria Solidarity Movement supports the removal of foreign terrorists and mercenaries in Syria, an end to military and other support to these territorists, an end to illegal foreign intervention in the affairs of Syria and restoration of Syrian sovereignty over all Syrian territory.

PLEASE NOTE:  A group in the UK is illegally using our name and also recommending illegal actions against Syria.  We are pursuing legal remedy to compel them to stop using our name, but the process is slow. Please be aware of this problem.  Your donations to help with our effort are gratefully appreciated.

The Syria Solidarity Movement

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