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Not-Tweetworthy: UN Selectively Tweeting Syrian Villages, Ignores Foua, Kafarya, Nubl, Zahara Besieged by US Sponsored Terrorists

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…There is a problem, yes. But the problem is this. The terorrists are stealing the humanitarian assistance from the Syrian Red Crescent as well as from the United Nations, and they are keeping this assistance in their warehouse, and then they use it as a leverage of political and financial gain for them to survive.”

The UN intention with their statement of welcoming the Syrian government’s approval to access Madaya, Foua and Kafarya is to imply that the Syrian government was the cause of aid not getting in, when clearly it has been the case of terrorists preventing and/or stealing aid. This has been corroborated by testminonies of Madaya residents to Russia Today reporter Murad Gazdiev, who was on the ground in Madaya talking to residents. Some of his tweets include:

-“More on #madaya#syria military sent 42 tons of food there on 27 november. All of it was seized by Islamist rebels; the are reselling aid”

-“#madaya civilians say rebels charged 100,000 SP ($250) for kilogram of rice”

-“Many #madaya civilians weeping for joy at finally leaving this place. Say #ISIS in town, fight together with rebels”

-“Fleeing #madaya civilians blame rebels for cruelty, theft..”

Regarding the UN’s January 7 statement which includes “International humanitarian law prohibits the targeting of civilians. It also prohibits the starvation of civilians as a tactic of war,” it is thus baffling that since the March 2015 full-siege on al-Foua and Kafarya, the UN’s OCHA neglected to tweet about the near-daily terrorist bombings of those villages’ citizens, nor the starvation-by-siege of Kafarya and al-Foua residents.

Loaded Narrative, and the Tweets That Weren’t:

The narrative the UN and like agencies, and corporate media, put forth regarding Madaya, and the Yarmouks before Madaya, is one which obfuscates on the suffering caused by western-backed terrorism, and inflates stories of civilians’ suffering in terrorist-hotbeds. It is a false narrative that pulls heartstrings of well-intentioned but less-informed readers who believe in the (long-aog-shot) credibility of the UN. Although there is indeed suffering in places like Madaya, the civilians themself have said what the cause is: the terrorist factions within stealing aid and goods and selling at extortionist rates.

From December 28, 2015, when OCHA first tweet-uttered Foua and Kafarya’s names until today, January 14, statistics regarding the number of times OCHA tweeted the names of Madaya, Foua/Kafarya and others are as follows:

-Madaya: 17 times

-Foua/Kafarya: 6 times

-Nubl, Zahraa: 0 times

Noteworthy are the points already mentioned:

-Foua/Kafarya are besieged by al-Qaeda and other western-backed terrorists.  Madaya is infested with them

-Foua/Kafarya residents are lacking food and medicines due to the siege of western-backed terrorists; any shortage of goods in Madaya is due to the theft and mafia-esque extortions of terrorists infesting Madaya.

Of course, there are areas other than al-Foua, Kafarya, Nubl, Zahraa which are suffering immensely due to terrorist attacks and siege, and which get little or no UN tweetage…But given the current media campaign regarding Madaya, I am looking here just at the discrepencies in the UN’s focus on the two areas.

The UN and so-called “humanitarian” groups/agencies will not tweet or speak the truth of the massive suffering in al-Foua and Kafayra, much less of the long-suffering of the people of Nubl and Zahraa and everywhere else terrorized by NATO’s mercenaries. Therefore we must, and we must continue to reveal the deceptions and not-even-slick propaganda at play, as well as to recognize that the timing is not coincidental.

Ambassador al-Ja’afari pointed this out, on January 11, 2016, to the annoyance of the corporate journalists on the vilification bandwagon:

…whenever there is a step forward towards a political solution in Syria, certain incidents are fabricated to de-fame the Syrian government and to negatively impact the political process….

The examples of such incidents are many and happened before certain United Nations Security Council meetings, as well as before Geneva 2 meeting, and Moscow 1 and Moscow 2 consultative meetings.

Now, and when the Syrians are going to meet in Geneva, end of this month, certain regional and international parties supporting terrorism in Syria are not satisfied that the Syrian government is engaging positively in the political process. And thus are trying to demonize it…torpedoing the meeting in Geneva.

In his recent article on Madaya and the media manipulation of facts, Finian Cunningham noted:

The Western news media are the propaganda arm of the state-sponsored terrorist assault on Syria….The plain truth is that people in Syria are being held siege by Western-orchestrated terrorists. …A siege of another kind is also being forced on the minds of the Western public by the Western media; it involves starving them of the truth.

Cunningham is absolutely correct. And the UN is just as complicit in the lies, the manipulation of facts, the whitewashing of terrorists in Syria, and in the obfuscation of true suffering at the hands of said-terrorists. piattaforma opzioni binarie senza deposito minimo RELATED:

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-Scoundrels & gangsters at UN: Silencing the Syrian narrative, Feb 4, 2015, Eva Bartlett, Russia Today

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