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Syrian army liberating strategic territory [RADIO INTERVIEW]

Jan 18, 2016, Taylor Report

Steve Sahiounie is an activist and reporter who has lived in Syria for 20 years.

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The Syrian army is beginning to score significant victories with Russian air support. They are now at the doors of the second biggest headquarters of the terrorists.

Sahiounie sets the record straight regarding the starving people in Madaya: The terrorists stole all of the food and the medicine that was delivered by the Red Crescent. Western media is trying to convert this tragedy into a sectarian issue between the Sunni and the Shiite.

Phil Taylor questions the role of the US instigated embargo against Syria, and he asks about Sahiounie’s opinion of the upcoming Geneva based talks on Syria? Sahiounie refers to recent talks between the US and Russia, Russia and Qatar and US and Iran as a positive sign. In addition, he notes Syria is the center of the middle east and its safety determines the safety of the whole Middle East.

Sahiounie ends with a description of recent ISIS attack that killed at least 300 Syrian citizens, including children, and kidnapped 400 more. Bodies were thrown into the river. He asks Phil to ask the Canadian people to report on this atrocity and recognize that the Syrians are a people of peace.

Taylor comments: We need to ask why we treat ISIS terrorism as an opportunity to bomb Syria–without coordinating with Syria, without even acknowledging that the Syrian government exists. He ends with: “At the core of that is the policy that says that Assad must go and that ISIS can be played with; and, we see the bloody results.”



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