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False Statements Against the Syria Solidarity Movement®

The Syria Solidarity Movement® (SSM) wishes to correct the false and malicious statements circulated in Denmark and elsewhere on our position toward Syria and the war against it, both on the ground and in the news. Our statement is prompted by the slanderous accusations of Danish Member of Parliament Naser Khader, who is circulating false information about the SSM and one of its founding members, Vanessa Beeley, but it applies equally to all SSM members and to all information about the SSM.
Our mission statement is displayed on our website and reads as follows:
  • Above all else, we respect Syrian solutions to Syrian problems.
  • We advocate universal respect for and protection of Syrian sovereignty and territory in accordance with international law, and we oppose all military intervention, whether by means of arms, military training, intelligence, personnel or equipment.
  • We advocate massive provision of humanitarian aid for all displaced Syrians, wherever they may be, including Syrian territory.
  • We advocate a Syrian national dialogue, in a location and with protections and guarantees that permit all parties to feel safe, and without the exclusion of any parties.
  • Out of respect for human life and dignity, we advocate the use of exclusively nonviolent means of national resolution and reconciliation in Syria and between Syria and other nations.
Please note that we do not support any particular government or leadership in Syria. Our solidarity is with the people of Syria, and we support their right to choose their own government and leadership, without interference from others.  We explicitly oppose intervention, but we recognize that all sovereign governments in the world have the right to form alliances, and most of them do.  We support Syria’s right to do the same, and we consider it perfectly natural to do so in response to unwanted outside intervention or invasion by outside forces.
We are not pro-Russian nor have we received support or funding from any government.  We are an association of individuals who have a range of views on many subjects.  In order to consider oneself a member of our movement, we ask only to accept the mission statement.  There are no other membership requirements.
Many of our members, including Vanessa Beeley, are passionately engaged in exposing lies, distortions and fabrications in the media.  The fabricators benefit from extravagant funding and powerful connections lavishly bestowed upon them by their interventionist benefactors, most of which are conquest-driven governments.  The SSM has only voluntary individual donors and operates on a budget .01% that of the White Helmets, to name only one of the gold-plated “volunteer” organizations devoted to the destruction of Syria. We intend to support the work of Vanessa and other truth-seekers to the extent of our means and abilities, armed only with facts that the willingly-manipulated western media giants refuse to publish, and with some modest ability to embarrass those media when we uncover their fabrications or acceptance of fabrications as news.
Denmark and other sovereign states have the right to restrict free speech and a free press, and to accept PM Khader or others as arbiters of what constitutes “fake news”, (or to certify that white is black and vice versa) if they so choose, and to banish other views and opinions.  However, we believe that human society functions better when all views and facts are considered upon their merits and not upon what is popular or politically expedient, or based upon prejudice or manipulation.

We urge Denmark and all nations and media to permit a free and unfettered marketplace of ideas and allow everyone to participate, from the worst fabricators to the most scrupulous truth tellers, and let the public decide which is which. Already, Facebook and Twitter are making judgments about which views to permit and which to restrict.  We believe that our ideas and information can stand up to the those of the rich, powerful and ruthless, if given the right.  To take away or prejudice that right is a great mistake that will be judged harshly by a public whose allegiance is thus manipulated.

The name Syria Solidarity Movement® is covered by US trademark no. 4,939,285, owned by our fiscal sponsor, the Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees.  The Association is a US charitable nonprofit organization (tax ID 20-5516191) authorized to accept tax exempt donations for human rights work. Our trademark is being fraudulently and illegally used by other organizations, chiefly in the UK and Ireland, that support intervention in, and the destruction of, Syria. Facebook Corporation is also violating our trademark. Please do not confuse us with the organizations abusing our name.

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