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Israeli Military Admits to Supporting Syrian Jihadis

Jul 23, 2015, Washington’s Blog The alternative press has noted for months that Israel is supporting jihadis in Syria.  But Israel has consistently denied these allegations … until now. The Times of Israel reported 3 weeks ago: Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Monday that Israel has been providing aid to …

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Mythology, Barrel Bombs, and Human Rights Watch

Jul 21, 2015, Counter Punch To read Human Rights Watch and the western mainstream media, the Syrian government army is inflicting massive casualties upon the Syrian civilian population, most especially through the use of “barrel bombs”.  Thousands of bombs have been dropped, inflicting thousands of casualties. But wait a minute.  …

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Israel colludes with al-Nusra to keep Golan Heights peace – Palestine’s Foreign Minister

Jul 2, 2015, The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has all but collapsed, and coupled with an outgoing US President and growing regional instability, the political and diplomatic climate doesn’t seem conducive to a breakthrough. Is it time to draw a line on decades of failed negotiations, and what framework could …

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Syrian Druze Fighting Israeli-backed Al Qaeda

Jun 15, 2015, Global Research -Reme Sakr The situation in Syria’s south seems to have turned for the worst in recent weeks, and at the heart of the south is Sweida Mountain (Jabal al-Arab or Jabal al-Druze), home to most of the region’s Druze people. After Jabhat al Nusra (al …

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More Evidence of Israel’s Dirty Role in the Syrian Proxy War

May 18, 2015, New Eastern Outlook Video footage surfaced last week showing the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) treating a wounded anti-Assad Syrian rebel, following a UN report at the end of last year which found that the IDF and the Syrian rebels (including ISIS) were in regular contact. The Times …

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