Saturday , June 24 2017
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False intelligence, false flag: chemical attack was engineered on the ground to provoke US attack on Syria

Please take a look at a report that utterly destroys all the so-called evidence for Syrian government use of chemical weapons in the recent attack in Syria.  It was written to a colleague by Dr. Theodore Postol, professor of Science, Technology and International Security at MIT.  Postol deconstructs the US …

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The US attack on Syria is naked aggression

The recent US attacks on Syria were ostensibly in retaliation for scores of deaths by chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun (Idlib governorate in the northwestern part of the Syrian Arab Republic). Instead of a unilateral attack, the proper course of action should have been an investigation of the Khan Sheikhoun deaths …

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Five Myths About Syrian Refugees

March 22, 2017, Foriegn Affairs – Max Abrahms, Denis Sullivan, and Charles Simpson Separating Fact From Fiction The Syrian refugee crisis is the worst human security disaster of the twenty-first century. Beyond the death toll, which stands at around 400,000, an estimated 11 million Syrians—about half the national population—have fled …

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