Demonstrations In Support Of The Syrian Government

Following are a list of *some* of the demonstrations in support of President al-Assad, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies and the reforms the Syrian government has made.

-Flashback to March 29, 2011: Over 6 million people marched across Syria in support of President al-Assad, Global Research

-Jun 2011, Syria: Damascus – Thousands attend pro-Bashar Al-Assad rally [VIDEO]

-Nov 2011, Millions Rally In Syria [VIDEO]

-Nov 2011, Syrians march in support of Assad

-Mar 2012, Millions attend pro-Assad rally [VIDEO]

-May 2014, Thousands of Syrians rally in Idlib to support army, President Assad [VIDEO]

-Jun 2015, Syrians Hold Pro-Government Rallies, Voice Solidarity with Army

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