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Heritage Areas and Christians Attacked by NATO’s mercenaries

Devastation…and Inspiration: Recalling Liberated Ma’loula, Mar 3, 2015, In Gaza

Distorting the story of Syria’s Heritage destruction, Feb 3, 2015, Eva Bartlett, Crescent International

An alert from inside Syria: Kassab Under Attack, Dec 29, 2014, Syria Solidarity Movement

UN: 300 cultural heritage sites destroyed, looted in Syria, Dec 23, 2014, al-Akhbar

Syria’s Kessab: The devastation of an Armenian safe haven, Mar 26, 2014, Al Akhbar

Armenian Homes in Kessab Looted, Occupied, Mar 25, 2014, Asbarez

Two Thousand Kessab Armenians Find Safety in Latakia, Mar 23, 2014, The Armenian Weekly

The destruction of the idols: Syria’s patrimony at risk from extremists, Feb 11, 2014, The Independent

Interview with Sharmine Narwani, “65 Armenians have been killed since the Syrian crisis began”, Feb 13, 2014, Media Max

Syria Christian town still under militant attack, Jan 21, 2014, Press TV [VIDEO]

Kanayé, (Qunaya) another Christian village invaded by jihadists that impose the Islamic law, Dec 16, 2013, Agenzia Fides

Death and destruction in a Christian town, Nov 15, 2013, ACN News

Bodies of Christian Family Discovered in a Syrian Well, Nov 6, 2013, AINA [VIDEO]

Atrocities Committed by US-NATO Sponsored Rebels against Syria’s Christians: Christian Town of Sadad, Nov 4, OCP News

Residents of Ancient Syrian Christian Town of Sadad Forced to Flee by Wahhabi Militants, Oct 24, 2013 [VIDEO]

Snipers haunt Syrian Christian town of Maalula, Sep 18, 2013, Daily Star [VIDEO]

Militants destroy Jewish mausoleums in Syria, Sep 24, 2013, Press TV [VIDEO]

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