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Interviews ON Syria

This page contains links to important interviews given by political analysts, authors, and other commentators on Syria, including notably Syrians themselves.


-Turkey and Saudi Arabia, losing their grip on Syria, Zafar Bangash, Jan 25, 2016, Taylor Report

-Time to Grow Up about Syria Propaganda, Eva Bartlett, Jan 28, 2016, Unusual Sources

-Syrian army liberating strategic territory, Steven Sahiounie, Jan 18, 2016, Taylor Report

-Regime Change Express Stalled in Syria and Burundi: Why?, Gearóid Ó Colmáin, Jan 18, 2016, Taylor Report

-The Middle East – From Madaya to Saudi Arabia, Jan 18, 2016, Zafar Bangash, Taylor Report

-Detached ‘Leftist’ academics, notably Gilbert Achcar, paint mercenary killers as freedom-loving liberals, Stephen Gowans, Jan 11, 2016, Taylor Report

-The Truth About Madaya, Vanessa Beeley, Jan 8, 2016, UK Column

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