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Endorsements of Mother Agnes-Mariam’s CANADIAN Tour

Following Washington and Ottawa’s lead, the Canadian media has given us a one-sided view of the war tearing Syria apart. Mother Agnes Mariam, with two decades of work experience in that country, provides a perspective on the conflict that is sorely lacking in this country. People should come listen to her speak and use what they learn to make sure that the Harper government of Canada does not contribute to more suffering in Syria.

-Yves Engler, author, The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper’s foreign policy and The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy


Few, if any, have the intimate knowledge of what is happening on the ground in Syria, the courage to bring Syrian warring factions together and the determination to speak out the truth as Mother Agnes. With flawed narratives in abundance, partisan media reports, and geopolitical interests trumping principles, her account is a must to listen to.

-Atif Kubursi, Professor Emeritus, McMaster University and Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia


I strongly encourage Canadians to take advantage of Mother Agnes’ tour–to listen to her and engage in conversation with her. We have been led to believe that further war and destruction, and the replacement of the current government with one obedient to the West, are Syria’s only options. Let us listen to someone familiar with the Syrian situation who has a different perspective and who feels a more humane and fair solution is possible.

-Graeme MacQueen, Former Director of the Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University


Congratulations on bringing Mother Mariam-Agnes here and organizing her tour. Her story, her person, and her proposals for peace have been totally silenced in the name of US and European imperial interests, those who would like to bomb Syria back to the middle ages just as they did in Libya.

-Robin Philpot, author of Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa, From Tragedy to Useful Imperial Fiction and publisher of Baraka Books

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