Monday , January 22 2018


Mother Agnes on The Mike Huckabee Radio Show

Phil Taylor Interview with Mother Agnes-Mariam [AUDIO]

Nun Emerges as Power Broker in Syria (Associated Press/NY Times)

Controversial nun speaks out on war in Syria

Who is behind Syria’s “Opposition Rebels”? Mother Agnes Mariam versus the US Media

Mother Agnes Mary of the Cross replies to critics

A Lebanese nun argues the US and others are wrong about Syria and should negotiate peace

Religious leader speaks about US media’s misrepresentation of country’s issues

Catholic figure warns of Islamic extremists in Syria

Syrian religious leader talks peace and solidarity

Five days on the ground with Syrian Christians: An eye-witness account of a nun’s efforts to liberate hostages and broker peace in war-torn Syria –The Catholic World Report, October 30, 2013

Mother Agnes-Mariam interview responds to critics, states her positions:   KPFA hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips interview Mother Agnes-Mariam about her work, her critics and her tour. (Starts at 31:00 minutes), Nov 1, 2013

James Corbett interviews Mother Agnes Mariam on the Syrian Crisis, Aug 28, 2013

Nun Who Calls for Reconciliation in Syria Starts North America Tour (Press Release)

Activist Nun to Discuss Plight of Syrian Refugees

Syrian nun Mother Agnes-Miriam exposes horrific situation in Syria, proposes new way forward

Love fuels nun’s efforts to promote peace, reconciliation

Syrian Nun, Activist in UK to spread “true” on Syria

‘Save the Children of Syria’: Mother Agnes and Mairead Maguire Address London Audience

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