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Endorsements: US & International

Mother Agnes-Mariam is a voice of truth, calling for an end to all violence and for peace and reconciliation. We can only make good decisions when we have the truth, and Mother Agnes-Mariam brings the truth from the heart of Syria.

–Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate, Hon. President, Co-Founder Peace People, Northern Ireland


Mother Agnes-Mariam has provided relief for the people of Syria for over 19 years, most recently during the latest Syrian crisis. As the number of refugees in surrounding towns increases, Mother Agnes-Mariam has provided the refugees with shelter and assistance. She has also been a vocal advocate for these victims through her Institute for Peace, Justice, and Human Rights.

Through her philanthropic work, she has played a major role in negotiating for the benefit of peace and stability in the district.

-Sherrod Brown, United States Senator


Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition presented to Mother Agnes-Mariam of the Cross for providing shelter at the monastery to those in need and through your affiliation with Mussalaha (“Reconciliation”) to mediate the opposing forces.

-James B. Renacci, Member of Congress, Ohio.

Escaping threats of assassination in Syria by armed gangs, Mother Agnes has a story to tell that people should not miss the opportunity to hear. She has drawn attention to the terrible atrocities being committed by groups armed and financed by outside governments.

More recently, she exposed fabrications in the video material shown to the world about the alleged chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus. The identity of the children said to have been killed in this attack remains one of her chief concerns.

This brave woman has put her own life on the line by speaking out for peace in Syria and her voice is a necessary corrective to the torrents of propaganda flowing through the mainstream media for the past three years.”

–Jeremy Salt, author of “The Unmaking of the Middle East: A History of Western Disorder in Arab Lands” published in 2009 by University of California Press.


“It is important to listen to the voices of people who have lived in Syria for decades. Mother Agnes is one of these people. She has extraordinary contacts with the government and in the opposition groups.

We need to hear what she has to say about the tragic situation and in Syria”

–Ann Wright, US Army Col (ret) and former official in the US State Dept


Mother Agnes came to Lincoln, Nebraska and left us with a better understanding of what is happening in Syria and a better understanding of her people and their struggle.

An estimated 150 people attended Mother Agnes’ presentation, which was sponsored by Nebraskans For Peace, the oldest statewide group in the nation. This was a great turnout for a peace event of this kind. Mother Agnes made a point to personally greet as many attendees as she could, shaking hands and sharing hugs.

Prior to the speaking event Mother Agnes had a very successful press conference. Attending media asked probing questions and presented very balanced reports boosting coverage of her tour.

–Dan Buhrdorf, organizer with United Front Against Austerity, and organizer of Mother Agnes-Mariam’s Lincoln, Nebraska visit.

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