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Paris conference on Syria: US, European allies renew push for regime-change

13 Jan 2014, Alex Lantier Top US and European diplomats assembled Sunday in Paris for a two-day meeting of the so-called Friends of Syria group, renewing the push for regime-change in Damascus. The talks came amid reports that US officials are preparing renewed shipments of supplies to Syrian Islamist opposition …

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Volgograd and the Conquest of Eurasia: Has the House of Saud seen its Stalingrad?

Jan 4, 2014, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya The events in Volgograd are part of a much larger body of events and a multi-faceted struggle that has been going on for decades as part of a cold war after the Cold War—the post-Cold War cold war, if you please—that was a result …

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Washington’s New Islamic Front: Expanded U.S. Support to Al Qaeda Rebels in Syria

Dec 15, 2013, Global Research From the outset, the Western military alliance has (covertly) supported the terrorists with a view to destabilizing Syria as a nation state. Lest we forget, Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA.  The US, NATO, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have channeled most …

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Canada’s Harper Government Supports Covert Mercenary War on Syria, Funds Al Qaeda Affiliated Rebels

Nov 12, 2013, Ken Stone: As expected, Prime Minister Harper wholly endorsed President Obama’s call to punish the Syrian government for its alleged use of chemical weapons on August 21, 2013.1 Harper did, however, decline to join the tiny coalition of countries willing to join a US-led air strike on …

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US, Saudi Arabia, Jordan arming Syria militants: Reporter

  Nov 9, 2013, Press TV A French reporter has provided details on how the US, Saudi Arabia and Jordan have been supplying tons of weapons to the militants operating inside Syria, Press TV reports. Georges Malbrunot of Le Figaro newspaper revealed how the CIA is leading massive arms deliveries …

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Regional War Scenario. NATO-US-Turkey War Games Off the Syrian Coastline

De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate (Netherlands)

Nov 5, 2013, Global Research According to Turkish press reports, Turkey’s High Command will be hosting NATO’S Invitex military exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean in a clear act of provocation directed against Syria. The Invitex-Eastern Mediterranean war games are scheduled from November 4 to 14. Deafening silence. Not a single …

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Syria: Another Illegal War of Aggression based on Manipulation and Fake Intelligence

Sep 4, 2013, Global Research “Their [pro-Israel neocon] plan, which urged Israel to re-establish ‘the principle of preemption,’ has now been imposed by (Richard) Perle, (Douglas) Feith, (David) Wurmser & Co. on the United States.” Patrick J. Buchanan, American political commentator, The American Conservative, March 24, 2003 “I wasn’t afraid …

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François Hollande’s Missteps

Oct 14, 2013, Counter Punch In modern times, France has done far better diplomatically when it has advocated against impetuous military involvement in the internal affairs of other countries. French standing in international politics has been highest when its government was cautious about its military involvement, when it adopted the …

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To some, US case for Syrian gas attack, strike has too many holes


Sep 2, 2013, McClatchy The Obama administration’s public case for attacking Syria is riddled with inconsistencies and hinges mainly on circumstantial evidence, undermining U.S. efforts this week to build support at home and abroad for a punitive strike against Bashar Assad’s regime. The case Secretary of State John Kerry laid …

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