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Syrian Peace Talks

Oct 22, 2013, Stephen Lendman Obama’s war on Syria rages. Opposition forces are divided. Kofi Annan’s March 2012 six-point plan failed. Three months later, so did Geneva I. June 2012 talks were called a “last ditch effort” to halt violence. Similar headlines followed Annan’s plan. Fighting rages daily. Obama bears …

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Obscuring the Details: A Panoramic Look at America’s Case Against Syria

Oct 13, 2013, Strategic Culture The US federal government and the various agencies, media organizations, individuals, foreign governments, non-governmental organizations, lobbies, forces, and other entities that are tied to it have done everything in their power to obscure the details involving the chemical attacks in that took place in Syria …

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Syrian TV, chemical inspectors’ hotel targeted in bomb attacks in Damascus – report

Oct 13, 2013, Multiple bomb blasts have rocked the Syrian capital of Damascus, a mortar attack on Syrian TV among them, reports RT’s correspondent at the scene. Suicide bombers blew up two booby-trapped cars near the General Organization of Radio and TV in Damascus, state TV reported. The other …

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Saudi black op team behind Damascus chem weapons attack – diplomatic sources

A man, affected by what activists say is nerve gas, breathes through an oxygen mask in the Damascus suburbs August 21, 2013 (Reuters/Ammar Dar)

Oct 4, 2013, The August chemical weapons attack in the Syrian capital’s suburbs was done by a Saudi Arabian black operations team, Russian diplomatic sources have told a Russian news agency. “Based on data from a number of sources a picture can be pieced together. The criminal provocation in …

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Worldwide Militarization and the Weapons Industry: America’s Surveillance and Targeted Assassination Machine

Sep 29, 2013, Global Research Perpetual mass-media deception and pervasive surveillance encompass a never ending train of abuse that won’t end any time soon. As long as armaments factories continue producing weapons of death for the fortune 500 Wall Street elite who reside in U.S. capitalist society, war and threats …

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Time for Proof on Syrian CW Attack

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Oct 1, 2013, Consortium News World attention has moved to the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons, but the evidence on the Aug. 21 attack near Damascus remains hidden and in dispute, causing a group of former U.S. intelligence professionals to ask Moscow and Washington to present what they have. Memorandum …

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Mother Agnes Mariam Attacked…By Human Rights Watch!

Oct 2, 2013, RPI Since when does a human rights organization take to arguing the case for a military attack that will kill scores of innocent civilians? If you are Human Rights Watch, it’s all in a day’s work. The US regime’s favorite “human rights ” organization, which once praised …

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‘Staged and scripted’: Mother Agnes finalizes chronology of Damascus chemical attack

Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib

Sep 26, 2013, A new version of a study produced by Mother Agnes, a catholic nun, pointing to a number of fabricated videos used as evidence of complicity by the Assad government in a recent chemical attack is in the works, she told RT. The report by the Christian …

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Killing Syrian children with one hand, saving them with other

AFP Photo/Joesph Eid

Sep27, 2013, All over British television this week, in ads strategically placed in the middle of news bulletins, the Disasters Emergency Committee fund has been raising money from viewers for Syrian refugees alongside the ‘No Child Born To Die’ campaign. The TV ads show pictures of starving and destitute …

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