Sunday , September 24 2017

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Uncle Sam vs. Russia in Eastern Syria: the Nightmare Scenario

September 22, 2017, CounterPunch – Mike Whitney The impending collapse of ISIS has touched off a race for territory in the oil-rich eastern part of Syria pitting US-backed forces against the Russian-led coalition of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.  This is the nightmare scenario that everyone wanted to avoid.  Washington and Moscow’s armies …

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Israel Attacks Syrian Military Base, Killing Two

September 10, 2017, – Jason Ditz Israeli warplanes carried out an overnight attack against a Syrian military base in the Hama Province, causing considerable damage to the facility and killing at least two people. Syria confirmed the incident, but Israel has yet to officially comment. The Syrian Observatory for Human …

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Syrian army, allies break Islamic State siege in eastern city

September 5 2017, Reuters – Ellen Francis BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian government forces on Tuesday reached troops besieged for years by Islamic State in the eastern city of Deir al-Zor, the militants’ last major stronghold in Syria, the army said. Tanks and troops pressed quickly toward a government-held enclave in …

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Is Israel’s Netanyahu preparing for War on Iranian Special Ops in Syria?

August 29, 2017, Informed Comment – Juan Cole Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu filled the ear of visiting UN secretary general Antonio Guterres with complaints about Iran and Hizbullah on the latter’s visit to the region. He complained that the UN border patrol, UNIFIL, in South Lebanon, has not reported the thousands …

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