Wednesday , November 22 2017

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Israel’s Ploy Selling a Syrian Nuke Strike

November 21, 2017,  ConsortiumNews – Gareth Porter In September 2007, Israeli warplanes bombed a building in eastern Syria that the Israelis claimed held a covert nuclear reactor that had been built with North Korean assistance. Seven months later, the CIA released an extraordinary 11-minute video and mounted press and Congressional …

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Did Al Qaeda Dupe Trump on Syrian Attack?

November 21, 2017, Consortiumnews – Robert Parry A new United Nations-sponsored report on the April 4 sarin incident in an Al Qaeda-controlled town in Syria blames Bashar al-Assad’s government for the atrocity, but the report contains evidence deep inside its “Annex II” that would prove Assad’s innocence. If you read that far, …

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Monbiot still burying his head in sands of Syria

November 21, 2017, Jonathan Cook Blog Investigative journalist Gareth Porter has published two exclusives whose import is far greater than may be immediately apparent. They concern Israel’s bombing in 2007 of a supposed nuclear plant secretly built, according to a self-serving US and Israeli narrative, by Syrian leader Bashar Assad. Although the …

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How Pseudo-leftists Explain the Failure of the ‘Syrian Revolution’

Some western “Liberals” and “Leftists” pay homage to Yassin al-Haj Saleh, an intellectual leftist of the ‘Syrian Revolution’. In fact Saleh represented only a tiny part of Syria’s left. He was ‘persecuted’ because he aligned himself with the 1980 and 2011 bloody uprisings by the sectarian Muslim Brotherhood, and their international …

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