Friday , January 19 2018

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Turkish President Calls On NATO To Take Stand Against U.S.

January 16, 2018, Information Clearing House – Forces January 16, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –  Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has urged NATO to take a stand against the United States over its plans to form a Kurdish-led border security force in Syria. Addressing his ruling party’s deputies, the Turkish president protested …

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Russian Journalists Blow Lid Off Alleged US Terrorist Training Network in Syria

January 16, 2018, Information Clearing House – Sputnik   The Pentagon was forced to go into full public relations mode late last month amid fresh allegations by the Russian General Staff that US instructors were providing training assistance for some 350 ex-Daesh (ISIS) militants at the US Army’s al-Tanf garrison in the southern Syrian province of Homs. Chief of Staff General …

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The News in a Surrealist Mode

January 16, 2018, Surrealpolitik – John Schoneboom One doesn’t need to be a journalist or a scientist to appreciate that the basic methods of journalism are not unlike the scientific method. Both disciplines are supposed to rely on rigorous scrutiny, scepticism, and falsifiability. Neither can persistently ignore, invent, or distort …

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