Sunday , February 19 2017

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Disqualify “The White Helmets” for an Oscar

PRESS RELEASE   Contact Rick Sterling 925-478-8343 or Paul Larudee 510 232-2500 Disqualify “The White Helmets” for an Oscar The Syria Solidarity Movement® advises disqualification of the film “The White Helmets” for a 2017 Academy Award.  It has been nominated in the category of Short Documentary. The problems with this film It is more …

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Let’s Expose “The White Helmets” and block their Oscar

For those who do not already know, there is an online petition NOT to give an Academy Award to the Netflix propaganda movie “The White Helmets”. Please sign and share. Voting for the awards takes place Feb 13 – 21 and we will send the petition with signatures soon. …

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How We Were Misled About Syria: Amnesty International

February 05, 2017 – Tim Hayward Most of us living outside Syria know very little of the country or its recent history. What we think we know comes via the media. Information that comes with the endorsement of an organisation like Amnesty International we may tend to assume is reliable. …

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