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11 November 2015 • SNAG #9

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11 November 2015 • SNAG #9

IN SYRIA ……………

* SAA breaks the long siege of Kweires Air Base – huge victory

* Analysis of Kweires breakthrough by prominent western analyst

* Reconciliation process continues to advance

* Interesting article predicting end of ‘Jaish al Fatah’ (promoted by Robert Ford)


IN REGION ……………..

* Lebanon: Al Mayadeen TV suspended from Arabsat!
(follow events and support on twitter #WithAlMayadeen)

* Jordan: Shooting rampage at secret site (Narwani and others reporting on twitter that this is where USA is training Syrian ‘rebels’)

* Turkey: pre-election predictions of voting fraud. Results confirm?

* Turkey: academic analysis leading to conclusion on turkey election: results ‘consistent with widepread voting manipulation’


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