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16 December 2015 • SNAG #13

IN SYRIA ……………


* Homs is free! Parade/celebration after terrorists departs last stronghold

* Massive car bomb in Homs kills 22 – terrorists lashing out as they depart

* Syriac Christian women fighting ISIS

* SAA advancing in Latakia along border with Turkey

* Campaign in southern Aleppo

* Coalition air strikes on SAA in eastern Syria kill three


IN REGION ……………..


* Most ISIL members stopped at Turkish border are from China (next Russia, next Palestinians!)

* Turkish court rejects appeal to release chief editor of Hurriyet Daily

* Turkish court orders removal of books by two Turkish journalists

* Erdogan double-speak over Turkish troops in Iraq




* History of US / Saudi Alliance with Al Qaeda (excellent)

* How Kremlin Propaganda (RT) works ………. funny


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